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SmartLipo® Liposuction

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SmartLipo® is a new procedure for doing Liposuction to remove excess body fat and firm the skin in the treated area. Both goals are achieved during the same treatment.

Advantages of SmartLipo® over regular Liposuction.– The first advantage is tighter skin. Whereas with regular liposuction the overlaying skin appears loose and saggy. SmartLipo® uses laser technology to tighten the overlaying skin resulting in younger and healthier looking skin.
– The second advantage, it makes much easier to remove the excess fat by heating it and melting it before the mechanical suction is applied. This will result in less mechanical trauma to the subcutaneous layer.
– The third advantage, SmartLipo® is that it uses a second laser wavelength to cauterize blood vessels in the fatty area, so there be less bruising.
– The fourth advantage is that the patient will have a quicker recovery and faster return to his/ her daily activity. Recovery time is cut by more than a half than a regular liposuction.
SmartLipo® can be done as an office procedure under local anesthesia avoiding the additional risk of a total anesthesia. Although it is an office procedure still large amounts of fat can be removed in one session easily since it can be liquefied with the laser.

How Is SmartLipo® Done?
– The doctor introduce a small cannula into the fatty layer.

– This is followed by injecting a saline solution mixed with numbing medication into that layer to assure patient comfort through the remainder of the procedure.
– Thereafter the laser fiber is used to melt the fat and cauterize the leaky blood vessels to minimize bruising and drainage. Then the doctor does another passage using the same fiber to tighten the skin and minimize the sagginess for a youthful appearance.
– Then mechanical suction is applied to removed the melted fat and the remainder of the saline solution– Tension garment is applied for patient comfort and quick recovery.

Cost Of SmartLipo® Liposuction? Cost is based on how many areas are done at the same time. Added areas are less expensive to do after the first area if done at the same time. The average price range per area for multiple areas is $1500 to $1750 per area. Financing with 0% interest is available.

What areas can be treated with SmartLipo®. Since Laser Fiber is used, even delicate areas like the neck and arms can be treated. Other areas include love handles, stomach, hips, bras, buttocks, thighs, calves and breasts. 

How Long Do Results Last? The fat that was removed is lost permanently. However you still need to follow a good diet and exercise regimen. If you gain weight in the future new fat will be deposited trhought the body but to a lesser extent in the treated area because they have less fatty cell left behind as a result of the treatment.

Recovery After the SmartLipo® Most patient can return to work in 2 to 3 days. So if the procedure was performed Friday then you can return to work on Monday. A garment needs to be worn for 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment based on the patient and the treated area.

Preparing for SmartLipo® Liposuction?
Blood thinner need to be stopped 10 days prior to the procedure. This includes Aspirin.  Smoking is not recommended a few weeks prior to liposuction since it interferes with the healing process. You need to have a ride on the day of the treatment.

Your progress is assessed throughout the treatments and thereafter. For areas that still require further fat reduction Dr. Mamari will educate you about other options that you may have including Sculpsure® and CoolSculpting® which are also offered here at the practice.
Here at the Cosmetic Laser Institute you will be able to get the best available results.
Also Ask for our Combined Packages for Fat Loss for multiple areas are that are offered at the time you Book Your Appointment. You are in great hands here. We have been in business for  more than 20 years. The SmartLipo® Procedure is preformed by a medical doctor, not by a nurse practitioner, at the Cosmetic Laser Institute.

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