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Stretch Mark Laser Removal

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Unsightly scars and stretch marks have been troubling human kind for ages. They are unsightly, disfiguring and decrease self esteem for many of us.
Causes of scars and Stretch Marks 
When multiple layers of skin are damaged a scar may form. The damage could be due to surgery, fall, a burn or even severe acne. Stretch marks on the other hand are thought to be the result of one’s skin collagen and elastin breaking down under stress. Pregnancy, and weight gain or loss over a short period of time are the leading causes of stretch marks. Stretch marks occur in areas of mechanical stress such as the breasts, abdomen, thighs, Joints or buttocks. When they develop stretch marks are red. With time they turn white as part of the healing process. In the past, there was no definitive treatment to improve on their appearance. The results ranged from fair to minimal
Laser Technology 
Nowadays, laser is available to treat scars and stretch marks. The laser’s energy stimulates the skin under the scar. A new collagen will form. This allow the skin to thicken under the scar where eventually may more resemble the surrounding skin
Is laser treatment painful?
Topical anesthetic maybe indicated for patients with low pain tolerance. Most patients describe the laser pulse as a snap of a rubber band against the their skin.
Results may not be immediate. Multiple treatments maybe needed. The improvement in gradual and varies from a patient to patient. Results from laser scar and stretch mark treatment are generally progressive and may require multiple treatments. Most patients report marked improvement with laser treatments. Retinoid cream or other growth factors may be needed in conjunction with laser treatment for optimal results.
When can I see reults?
Studies show that the appearance of stretch marks continues to improve up to 3 to 6 months after each treatment. There is an additive benefits with multiple treatments. The skin after a treatment may be red for up to two weeks. Redness may fade away sooner in some patients. Patient who could tan easily may need to be on a protective bleaching cream. The patients with fair complexion would not require bleaching cream

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